Welcome to Autistic Nottingham

We are a registered charity, based in Nottingham, for the support and advancement of Autistic Adults. All of our charitable aims are related to supporting Autistic Adults who do not have an Intellectual Disability.  (Conditions previously know as "Asperger's Syndrome" or "High Functioning Autism").

We are founded and run by Autistic adults without intellectual disabilities, to bridge the gap in provision for Autistic adults who are considered to have “low needs” and have no other appropriate services to access. Every member of our Executive & Trustee Boards has a diagnosed Autism Spectrum Condition, making us one of the only entirely “User Led” Autistic Charity’s in the UK

It was wonderful to have been provided with total dedication & time for my recent application for PIP personal independence payment which was increasing my mental health problems even further. But Claire sat with me and went through everything in regards to the mandatory reconsideration, which helped make me feel more confident about such a frightening legal process.
Richard Jackson
Graphic Designer

Without the support of my Advocate, Louisa, I do not believe I would have progressed as much in my life as I have done. She has worked with me to ensure my University and Disabled Students Allowance paperwork was completed and submitted on time when it was all rather overwhelming for me. During the pandemic Autistic Nottingham also supported me with food deliveries and assistance in completing essential tasks.

Autistic Adult