Personal Assistants (Bank)

We are currently seeking to expand our Personal Assistant (PA) Pool.

Ideally, we would like to hire individuals with a strong personal experience with Autism in adults who are not intellectually disabled, however, we are most interested in individuals who have a caring personality and a passion for supporting others.

We are only interested in individuals with a positive and strength-based view of Autism Spectrum Conditions.

For the full job description please see HERE

To Apply please send a C.V & Covering letter to

Advice for covering letter: 
We’d like to hear about the following:

  • Your personal experience/knowledge of Autism in adults
  • Your understanding of issues affecting Autistic/Disabled people
    • Outline to us what difficulties you think Autistic people are facing
    • This can be around your own experience or experience supporting others
    • This can be knowledge around disability benefits, access issues, discrimination. etc
  • Your work history and how this would help you in this role
  • Your experience (if any) caring for/supporting others in a paid or unpaid capacity
  • Your skills/interests and how this would help you in this role
    • This can be anything from excellent DIY skills, interest in helping people, love of certain hobby’s
    • This is such a broad role that many of your personal interests/skills could be of help to our clients, so we are happy to hear about them