Why Are We Here?

How did Autistic Nottingham start and what are our Aims, Values & Mission?

In The Beginning:

Autistic Nottingham became a registered charity in June 2019. In early 2020 our CEO Claire (Right) and COO Louisa (Left) took on a small 2 person office in Concord Business Centre.

The organisation had been running for years prior as a social group for Autistic adults but after hearing the same barriers and difficulties reoccurring for it’s members, a few decided to make the group a formally recognised charity.

As the first entirely Autistic led autism charity, Autistic Nottingham has been slowly expanding over the years and now provides social events and a social care provision for Autistic adults without intellectual disabilities, a group that (up until now) had never before been catered to. 

Three members of staff stood in Nottingham City Centre by some fountains holding a "Real Living Wage Foundation" plaque

Our Vision

A world where Autistic people can be a part of society like any other person

Where needs are met without the barriers of misconceptions or the injustices of discrimination.

Where Autistic people can fully participate and give back to society by utilising their strengths, and not being singled out for their weaknesses.

Our Mission Statement

Going beyond the misconceptions of Autism Spectrum Conditions through Advocacy, Support & Connect.

Our Charity Values

The foundations of everything we do as an organisation:

outline of a person with flames behind them, their arms are raised above their head victorious and they are smiling


No it’s not a typo! We made up a word to show that we will have the audacity to be Autistic and proud in all that we do.


We work to focus on the strengths of being Autistic. Using Autism positive language and strength-based approaches in our services.

the outline of a head with a target in the middle, depicting focus on a challenge


Never giving up on an issue just because it is hard or drawn out

a circle in the centre with arrows coming off the edge in a spiral pattern


Not working on a "one-size-fits-all" approach but trying to embed the flexibility to adapt our services as they grow.

a heart in the centre, around the edges the outline of 3 people with arms outstretched to each other as if holding hands in a circle around the heart


Being all in this together, an organisation run by and for Autistic adults