Finding appropriate support can be really tough, and asking for it can be even harder! With that in mind, we have created a database of supportive articles and resources produced by us here at Autistic Nottingham. We have categories such as:

Many of us, as Autistic adults, want to know more about recent research and developments around autism but can struggle to comprehend academic articles. 

The Accessible Academia Series started in 2020, where we would read and digest academic articles and condense them down into easy-to-read social media posts making academia more accessible to our readers.

This ensures that Autistic adults are given the up to date research, numbers and theories as they develop and can support them in those potentially difficult conversations around autism.

Learning how to look after our own needs can also be difficult for us. Many of us will struggle to express or understand our own needs, whereas others may know what they need but not how to implement it.

We have a collection of articles on how to support our own well-being, set boundaries and implement new strategies.

We have our monthly Peer Support Sessions held in person but we also like to write up summaries and post them for you to read after the meeting, especially if you could not attend.

These are just some examples of the resources available: