Personal Assistants

A Personal Assistant (or “PA”) is a type of support worker. We are commissioned by Nottingham City & County Council to provide PAs to Autistic adults without intellectual disabilities.

Personal Assistant - Support Worker to Autistic Adults

Why Choose Us?


We work hard to match you with a PA who will support you regularly, reducing the anxiety of unknown staff coming to support you


Your PA is managed by Autistic Mangers, so you know that understanding of autism will be embedding into their work


All our PAs have a minimum of three one-to-one sessions with their line manager a year plus 10 hours of additional training a year

Additional Support

Our PAs can work with other areas of the charity to give you additional support, like updating you on social events and other activities you can join

Would You Like a PA?

You can contact us below to discuss getting support from one of our PAs.

This service is usually commissioned by your local social services, but our support team can advise on this if you do not already have funding