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As an entirely Autistic led autism charity, where would we be without an entirely Autistic Training Team? 

A team that knows how to get the best out of Autistic people because they are themselves Autistic. They have invested their energy, their determination to succeed against the odds, and often their health to navigate the systemic barriers that the non-autistic majority have unwittingly put in place.

What is known about autism has changed considerably over the past decade and is still evolving today. Our team are always on top of these changes in research, language and diagnostics and are here to provide training and development that is accessible and using autism positive language. 

We Can Provide:

Autism Awareness & Acceptance Training
Our team can deliver you bespoke training to match the requirements of your organisation, be it small or multinational, with the added peace of mind that what you and your staff will be learning is coming from Autistic people themselves. We will provide you with a paradigm shift in how you view Autism, and from there you can build a service or a workplace where Autistic people can thrive.

Training for Health & Social Care
If you’re an organisation that provides health and social care to Autistic people, we can provide you with quality training for your frontline staff on topics such as executive dysfunction, sensory overload, coping with change and a other vital skills required by those support Autistic people in their every day lives.

Workplace Support
Our team can also provide workplace “Job Mentors” via the Access to Work scheme to help employers and employees to design working practices that manage expectations and improve productivity. We can also provide workplace education through Access to Work, providing an understanding of working with Autistic colleagues and skills for line managers of Autistic employees.

Workshops for Autistic People
Our team can also put on workshops for groups of Autistic people within your organisation, whether staff or service users, on a variety of topics and coping mechanisms.

All services are bespoke, made to order and are costed as such.
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