Social Engagement Team - Facilitating Autistic Social Events

Hours: Ad Hoc (mostly evenings and weekends)

Contract Type: Casual/Zero Hours 

Pay: Currently £11.00 per hour rising every April in line with the Real Living Wage Foundation

Social Engagement Application Form
The social engagement team facilitate our social events whether these are regular in person/online events or one off trips. To be a member of this team you need to be able to communicate with Autistic adults. You will responsible for the event along with other staff members and need to be able to greet new members and offer a safe and supportive environment at every event you work.

Your Details

Position Details

Time listed are the times the events run, you will be paid to work 30mins before and after the events times listed
We are always interested in new events and at different times of the day and week, if you have an idea please share it with us
This can be difficult for some applicants as it involves taking a group out to a new place, supporting them in an environment the staff member may not have been before. This is not essential to the role as they are one off trips but it's good to know in advance if it's something you could or could not support with.
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