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Are you curious about how our charity for Autistic adults without intellectual disabilities operates, the diverse employment roles we offer, our financial transparency, our charitable objectives, or our exciting plans for the future?

This Q&A session is the perfect opportunity to get your questions answered directly by our knowledgeable and dedicated team of staff members.

Date: Friday, 1st September
Time: 7:00 PM 
Platform: Google Meet (Link Below)
Duration: Approximately 1 hour

This session aims to provide a safe and open platform for discourse, where beneficiaries can interact directly with our Autistic staff members.

By sharing insights into our roles, processes, and aspirations, we seek to showcase our collective commitment to the development and empowerment of the Autistic community in Nottingham/shire.

This event is a chance for us to come together as Autistic individuals, demonstrating the strength of our shared experiences and our dedication to fostering positive change.

During this session, you will have the opportunity to ask the staff present any questions you might have about the charity, such as;

🌐 Gain Insights: Ask us about our charity’s unique approach, its history, and how being Autistic-led shapes our mission.

πŸ’Ό Explore Opportunities: Discover the range of employment roles within our organisation and how we promote an inclusive and supportive work environment.

πŸ’° Understand Our Finances: As a charity, all of our finances are published on the Charity Commission Website, but this is your chance to ask any questions about the finances that might not be clear in the reporting.

🎯 Discuss Charitable Aims: Dive into the heart of our charitable objectives and understand the impact we aspire to create in the Autistic community.

πŸ‘₯ Joining the Trustee Board: Hear about the process and qualifications for joining our trustee board, an integral part of shaping our charity’s strategic direction.

πŸš€ Future Plans: Ask us about our exciting upcoming projects, especially the launch of the pre-diagnostic offer as well as other initiatives that will further empower and uplift the Autistic community.

The meeting will be recorded and later published on our social media.

To ensure the privacy and anonymity of all participants, we will later be editing out any personal information when questions are asked.

This means that any questions asked, whether over voice or in the chat function, will be removed from the final edit and replace with onscreen text questions.

This allows those who could not attend to watch back the recording while safeguarding participants’ identities.

Members of Staff Attending:

Chief Executive Officer – Claire Smith
Chief Operations Officer – Louisa Hackford-Gentle
Chief Financial Officer – Jonathon Whyte

Chair of the Trustee Board – Justin Donne

Training Team – Phil Bilzon
Social Team – Steph Hubble
Support Team – Georgia Hollingsworth

The button below will take you straight to the Q&A session.Β 

We will open up at 6.45pm on Friday 1st September, to allow participants into the meeting. We will then start the meeting at 7pm.

You can participate through voice or through the chat box.

Instructions will be given at the start of the meeting on how to participate as well.

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