"Pre-diagnostic Support" with the Autistic Nottingham logo and 4 cartoon character in black and white below

Currently, in Nottingham/shire there are no fit-for-purpose services that support Autistic people who are awaiting their diagnosis. 

So, as the country’s first entirely Autistic led autism charity, we’re going to change that

Throughout September, we are trialling a few different supportive and social events to see what’s going to work best for Autistic people across Nottingham who are awaiting diagnosis. 

Currently, we hold
no funding for pre-diagnostic service from our local councils, and we have minimal grant funding from other sources.

Everything we are offering below is funded by ourselves and our generous donors.

An image of a person holding a letter. They are wearing a black spotty sweater, have long hair tied up and have a distressed expression on their face. They have a speech bubble coming out of their mouth, inside the speech bubble is someone digging a hole and looking lost and confused.