Autistic Nottingham Peer Support - A signpost to the left of the image has the words "Help, Support, Advice, Guidance" The bottom right has the Autistic Nottingham Logo and the aims "Advocate, Support, Connect"

This group will be facilitated by members of staff from Autistic Nottingham but is not ran by anyone trained in therapy or counselling at this time. 

The meetings will partly be for individuals sharing difficulties they are facing (this can be done anonymously via email before the session or in writing during the session) and working together to suggest ideas/resolutions to the shared difficulty.

This Months Session: Tact – A group discussion on how to not accidentally offend people, we’ll have a couple of scenarios to talk through to see if we can come up with any coping mechanisms to deal with these difficult situations. Participants can bring examples of where this has happened in the past to discuss if they’d like. No one is required to speak and there’s not “ice breakers” or “introduce yourselves” type activities, you contribute if and when you want to.

Wednesday 10th November 2021 – 7pm-9pm
Please check social media or contact us for further details

Phone: 0115 888 3223