Autism Advocacy Service

We are a fully independent Advocacy Service; this means our team will support you in representing your wishes, without judgement or bias, to ensure your voice/opinions are heard. Our Advocates all have a personal experience with Autism Spectrum Conditions, whether they are Autistic themselves or have a loved one who is. Our Advocates are dedicated to supporting you through short term support to enable you to receive more long solutions.

What can an Advocate from Autistic Nottingham work with me to do?

  • Support with completing benefit forms (PIP, ESA .etc)
  • Benefit tribunals
  • Making a formal complaint
  • Meetings regarding reasonable adjustment’s
  • Support with issues relating to Social Care, Education, Health Care & other areas.


What does Advocacy mean?

“Advocacy refers to receiving support from another individual (i.e an Advocate) to assist you to express your opinions and make your views heard in order to lead to changes in your life.”

What is the role of the Advocate?

  • Empowers you in making choices to have more control over your life
  • Can be appointed to speak on your behalf during some meetings/appointments
  • Assists you to represent your own interests and exercise your rights
  • Promotes your full participation in mainstream society

An Advocate does not/cannot:

  • Make decisions on your behalf
  • Offer you any form of mental health support/ counselling
  • Offer your support or judgements on what is best for you
  • Represent your interests without your consent
  • Be a support worker (activities such as supporting you in the home with domestic, everyday tasks)
  • Give any advice (they can offer you options but cannot advice on what is best, that is your decision to make)

If you have a query that you think an advocate can support you with, but are unsure if it’s appropriate, please contact us and we’ll be able to let you know if it’s something we can help with.