We hold a monthly Social
Event in Nottingham City Centre. It runs once a month on a Wednesday even and
is aimed at Autistic Adults who do not have an intellectual disability.

This event is slightly different to our other events due to it being held off
our own premises. Due to this we do not advertise the exact location, but share
it out over email to those who wish to attend, this is only for the security of
our members.

This event is unstructured. By this we mean it is simply a function room that we
rent out, to allow Autistic people to meet and socialise, we do not organise structured
discussions or activities at this event but we will have staff on site to
ensure safety.

 Next Session: Temporarily Online Due to Covid-19 Procedures
Please check social media or contact us

Email social@autisticnottingham.org
Telephone 0115 888 3223