We’re updating our events monthly at the moment, as we don’t know from one moment to the next what the lock down guidance shall be. As always the best way to keep up to date with events is to check our Facebook page, but here is a summary of what is taking place:


Our Advocacy team are still on hand to support you! Please check out the Advocacy page for more information on what they do and they can be of service,
there is very little difference to their operations other than mostly being virtual communications.


We have just launched an LGBT+ project with new information up now, as well as continuing to run our Support Services for those who have
budgets from social services. Our PA’s (Personal Assistants) have almost all received the Covid19 Vaccine now to allow them to continue doing their important work without putting themselves or their clients health at unnecessary risk. We’re also not only going to be launching our women’s course in the next month but, hopefully, we will be able to run a non-gender specific post diagnostic course as well, thanks to recently secured funding.


We are having our regular socials online as normal via google meets and have started to cultivate our own gather.town platform. This is a fantastic cross between socialising and gaming where you create a character and use it to navigate the gather.town world, approaching other people to active webcams and microphones to engage one to one or in groups!

Keep an eye on social media...



Updated regularly with event information as well as shared and in house created resources to help you understand Autism better and how to deal with the neurotypical world around you

If you have any more questions do get in contact via the contact us page