Four people stood together under the Autistic Nottingham logo and the words "Personal Assistants"

Personal Assistants (PA for short) are a type of support worker.

PAs are not carers and do not help with “personal care needs” which is physical support with things such as using the toilet or bathing.

PAs are a type of support worker who assist you with a variety of needs, such as (but not limited to): 

  • Planning and managing travel
  • Domestic tasks 
  • Shopping
  • Managing medication
  • Taking part in the community

Our PAs are trained to do things with you, not for you.

This means they will come and work with you to achieve your goals, they will not do it all for you but they will be there with you.

If you feel you need support from a PA you will need to talk to your local social services about getting a “care and support assessment”.

Details on how to contact your local social services can be found here

Yes, You can contact our support team to discuss your needs and whether self-funding is the best option for you 

If you have funding approved naming Autistic Nottingham are your provider, please get in touch with us to discuss setting up support.

If you currently have funding naming another support provider and wish to change, you will need to speak to your social worker or whoever has completed your care assessment.

Our PA’s are able to offer a structured and collaborative approach to your support needs. They truly understand Autism Spectrum Conditions and how varied people on the Spectrum can be. They are ready to work with you in a none patronising manner to ensure your support needs are appropriately met.

If you choose us as your provider for support we can offer:

  • Assurance
    that your PA is appropriately trained and insured


  • Guarantee
    that you are involved in all stages of your support planning

  • Communication
    methods to suit you (phone, email, skype .etc)


  • Choice
    of who your PA is, and if our current staff are not meeting your needs, we
    will support you in interviewing and hiring someone who will (check out
    our opportunities page, as their may be a few vacancies up designed by our
    current clients)

Our costs are about to increase in April 2023.

You can have a look at our terms of service document here, that includes details of our current costs and how we work
This is a document given to people who are going to use our service, with details about how we operate.