As the COVID19 pandemic continues, we know how confusing and frustrating the constant changes in rules and government guidelines can be. Thanks to National Lottery & Wesleyan Foundation are able to put in some much-needed support:

Lockdown Response Officer

We have recently employed a new Lockdown Response Officer, Rebecca Procter. Rebecca is a new Autistic member of the team and will be working with us on admin in relation to our lockdown response measures as listed below

Facemasks, Visors & Protective Equipment

We now have a fund to provide appropriate protective equipment to our beneficiaries across Nottingham/shire. This can include visors, gloves, anti-bacterial gel, sunflower exemption products and even N99 grade masks. All our staff have been funded a mask from “Cambridge Mask Company” to ensure their protection and that of our beneficiaries, if you are able to wear a mask we could fund you one also.

Short Term Support Workers

We have 100hrs of support work banked up to cover Autistic people in Nottingham/shire who are struggling. Our PA’s are trained and qualified in Autism Studies & Support Work and are ready to help you if you are stuck. Hours are limited, but if you find yourself stuck, that your support network has gone into isolation and you don’t know where to turn, please get in touch.

Online Resources

Our online resources will continue to be produced and posted on Facebook, Twitter and our Blog (link in the menu bar). Keep checking on them for tips on self-care, breakdowns of recent research and easy to digest details on changes to lockdown rules in Nottingham (or at least as much sense as we can make out of them).

We will also continue to hold online support and social groups, please keep checking our Facebook for more info

Food Runs

We are fortunate to get surplus food from many local ALDI stores through “Neighbourly”. Every Friday we will post on our social media what we have on offer for you, completely free of charge. First come first served on requests, all delivered to your door safely on the following Sunday.