If you would like to help out Autistic Nottingham during this time, we would very much welcome your support:

·        Food or Medication Runs
If you are willing/able, we would really appreciate more people able to go out and collect food/medication, especially in the further afield Nottingham County areas.

·        Befriending
If you have the time and understanding of Autism Spectrum Conditions, we always have space for more “befrienders”. These are the people who are available to get in contact with our beneficiaries for chats to reduce loneliness

·       Self-Care Classroom Content
If you have any content you’ve created that you’d like to share as part of our self-care classroom, please do let us know, we’ve got cooking videos, information on routines, sharing pets, there’s no limit to what we could put on there to support people with their self-care

·        Articles/Social Media Post
If you’ve written an article, poem or social media post you’d like sharing, do get in touch.

Contact Us Page
Email: Support@autisticnottingham.org
Skype Video or Instant Messenger: Info@autisticnottingham.org
Facebook Page Instant Messenger: https://www.facebook.com/autisticnottingham
Telephone: 0115 888 3223