If you are an adult who has considered getting an assessment for an
Autism Spectrum Condition

the process can seem quite daunting.

This is something we recommend individuals read up on and do their own research whether that is through articles, books, informative YouTube speakers or by speaking with other Autistic people about their experiences.

Many people who come to us for Advocacy and Advice around diagnosis have been turned down for a referral by a medical professional who does not understand Autism and how those without a learning disability can get into adulthood without a diagnosis.

Some real quotes some of our clients have given us from their medical professionals:

“You seem normal enough to me”
“You’re a married woman, how can you be Autistic if you have a husband?”
“You have a degree”
“You are able to look me in the eyes”
“the NHS don’t test for things they can’t cure”
“Sorry, only a college or University can test for that, not the NHS”

If you are coming up against this level of misinformation and require an advocate to support you through to assessment, please get in contact.

We can come to your GP appointment with up to date NHS guidance to support you in getting the referral if appropriate.