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Join us for a short online session led by Phil, a key member of our Training Team, as he briefly discusses vital topics of autism and employment as well as giving an overview of future services and events from Autistic Nottingham to support Autistic Employment.

Tuesday 26th September 2023
Time: 7pm
Duration: 1 hour
Platform: Google Meets (Meeting Link Below)

The session will be recorded and later published on our social media.

To ensure the privacy and anonymity of all participants, if there are any questions asked at the end, they will be edited to protect the individual.

This means that any questions asked, whether over voice or in the chat function, will be removed from the final edit and replace with onscreen text questions.

This allows those who could not attend to watch back the recording while safeguarding participants’ identities.

Phil Bilzon, a valued member of our Training Team, brings a wealth of expertise in the realm of autism and employment.

His passion for promoting equal opportunities, combined with his lived experience, makes him the perfect guide for this session.

πŸ” Understanding Challenges: Get a glimpse into the unique challenges that Autistic individuals might face in a work environment

🌈 Rights and Responsibilities: Discover the rights and responsibilities that both employees and employers need to be aware of to create an inclusive and supportive workplace.

πŸš€ Future Opportunities: Phil will also unveil future offers tailored to enhance your skills and confidence in the workforce.

πŸ’¬ Interactive Discussion: This isn’t just a presentation; it’s a chance for you to engage, ask questions, and gain practical insights that you can apply to your own employment journey.

The button below will take you straight to the session.Β 

We will open up at 6.45pm on Tuesday 26th September, to allow participants into the meeting.

We will then start the meeting at 7pm.

You can participate through voice or through the chat box.

Instructions will be given at the start of the meeting on how to participate as well.

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