Our Advocacy Service is still active in supporting beneficiaries; however, we have had to downscale how we support clients at this time.

Advocates will only be physically present for meetings when it is absolutely necessary, and will be present via telephone or video call for the majority of meetings.

Autistic Nottingham runs an Independent Advocacy Service, this means that we are not working for or paid for by any external service providers (such as social services, NHS, private support company’s .etc). Our Advocates are qualified in Advocacy as well as in Autism Studies and work to support clients to achieve their desired outcome whereas reasonably possible.

Advocates are still available via email to support with ongoing cases and enquiries.

If you feel you require an Advocate please get in contact with us any of our communication methods:

Contact Us Page
Email: Support@autisticnottingham.org
Skype Video or Instant Messenger: Info@autisticnottingham.org
Facebook Page Instant Messenger: https://www.facebook.com/autisticnottingham
Telephone: 0115 888 3223