Autistic Share Cafe

Welcome to the Autistic Share Cafe, a one-of-a-kind and inviting space created for Autistic adults, whether you’re pre or post-diagnosis, as well as our non-Autistic allies from the Nottinghamshire Community.

Beyond being a simple meet-up, our Share Cafe is a space dedicated to sharing, connecting, and collaborating.

Date: Saturday 23rd September
Time: 1:30pm – 4:30pm 
Location: The Carousel – 25 Hockley, NG1 1FH 

So you might be asking, “What exactly are we sharing?” and there isn’t one answer to that question.

As a cafe space, we will be open for socialising, where we can share our stories and experiences with each other as Autistic adults.

We will be sourcing donations and surplus food from local businesses to share with those who attend the event.

Local organisations will be invited to share what they are offering to Autistic people in Nottingham/shire and give us the opportunity to ask them questions in a safe and “Autistic” environment.

We also invite local Autistic developers, artists, services, etc. to advertise at our event as well.

Every month will be a different experience, so regardless of where you are on your journey, the Autistic Share Cafe welcomes you with open arms.

This isn’t just a gathering of individuals – it’s a united effort to create a stronger and more inclusive Autistic Community.

Our friendly volunteers will be there to extend a warm welcome, facilitate conversations, and ensure everyone feels at ease. Whether you’re a regular with us at Autistic Nottingham or it’s your first time, you’ll find a supportive atmosphere ready to embrace you.

If you have any questions, please send them through to our social team, who would be happy to answer them:

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