About the Charity

Our aim is to assist Autistic Adults who do not have an Intellectual  Disability. You may know these people as having “Asperger’s Syndrome” or “High Functioning Autism”.


Unfortunately, there is still a lot of misinformation around Autism, where people wish to class it as a learning disability. Figures from the National Autistic Society show that it is almost a 50/50 split between Autistic people with an intellectual disability and those without. Despite these figures most services for Autistic Adults are tailored towards those who have a learning disability and require more in depth support/care.


We are here to listen to those who are lacking in appropriate services, to those who are on the Autism Spectrum and require support with things such as their career, further/higher education, social skills, relationships and much more.

About the Executive Committee

Chief Executive Officer - Claire Smith

Claire trained as a British Sign Language Interpreter, as well as a disability advocate. From there professional experiences and her own personal experiences in trying to find appropriate support she founded Autistic Nottingham and designed many of it's services. Claire was diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Condition at the age of 27.

Chief Operating Officer - Louisa Hackford-Gentle

Louisa holds a HND Adult Nursing, as well as being a qualified Autism Advocate. Louisa has worked for Autistic Nottingham since it became a registered charity as an Autism Advocate and PA, she became Service Coordinator in 2020 and was promoted to Chief Operating Officer later that year when she was diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Condition at 26yrs old.

Chief Financial Officer - Jonathon Whyte

Jonathon is a registered Radiographer and holds an MBA in Business Management. Jonathon was diagnosed as being on the Autism Spectrum at 23yrs old and uses his knowledge of the NHS and Business Management to support our charity.

Chief Technical Officer - Paul Dunn

Paul works full time in IT as well as being our technical officer. He holds a Computer Science degree from the University of Nottingham and was diagnosed at the age of 27. Since his diagnosis he has found a real passion for helping other Autistic Adults both in the workplace and as part of our charity.

Executive Secretary - Rose Robbins

Rose is a children's book illustrator and published author who spends most of her time trialling different methods of finding the perfect work-life balance. She is currently studying at a post graduate level whilst voluntarily supporting the Executive Committee with administrative tasks.

The Trustee Committee

The function of a Trustee Committee within a charity is to ensure the Charity is meeting it’s charitable aims and working in the best interests of it’s beneficiaries (people who benefit from the charity). Trustee’s are not allowed to financially gain from the Charity, so are all voluntary positions. They meet three to four times a year to discuss the needs of the Charity and to check the Executive Committee is doing it’s best to support that work.

We currently have four members on our Trustee Committee, all are diagnosed Autistic adults without intellectual disabilities. The information of Trustee’s are public knowledge and are viewable on the Charity Commission website, simply search for Autistic Nottingham and our charity number 118 3725.