A 2hr virtual session that you can drop in and out of as you wish. Designed to give all participants a chance to be supported by their peers, discuss concerns and share self care ideas.

The meeting will start with staff introductions and sharing ground rules.

The rest of the meeting will be structured around the needs of those who attend, but could include sharing thoughts and feelings, discussing how your week has been, sharing supportive ideas with others, etc

These are all run online via google meets. You don’t need an app, you can access it through any browser.
There are links to these events in the next section

Wellbeing Check In

From Monday 13th March we’ll be trialling a new Wellbeing Check In on Monday evenings and Friday lunchtimes. The idea is to be able to give Autistic people across Nottingham/shire a video call they can dip into to get short term support with how they’re feeling and how life is going. These will be 2hr slots that are facilitated by a team member to enable sharing in a safe space. These are planned until late April where we will then review how well they’re going and if it’s going to be productive to continue.

Wellbeing Check-In

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